Nergal Leaves The Hospital

Posted by on January 19, 2011

Last November, we reported that after a long search, Behemoth’s Adam “Nergal” Darski (who was diagnosed with leukemia) found a bone marrow donor that’s a genetic match. Now there’s even more encouraging news with reports circulating that Nergal left the Polish hospital where the bone marrow transplant procedure took place only three weeks after the process started. “Adam feels good and is resting comfortably but cannot see any visitors as he can’t risk viral infections,” Nergal’s fiancé and popstar Dorota Rabczewska told reporters. After leaving the hospital on January 17, Nergal is reportedly staying with his parents.
Though it may still be too soon to celebrate, this is still phenomenal news. It was astonishing enough that Nergal was able to find a donor considering that only four in ten patients awaiting a match find one and receive the transplant before dying, let alone that he’s already recovering fast enough to leave the hospital. Our best wishes continue to go out to Nergal and we hope he continues to make a speedy recovery! Guess somebody down there loves him.

UPDATE: Nergal himself has confirmed leaving the hospital via an official statement.

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