Nachtmystium to play Louisville Deathfest

Posted by on March 13, 2017

If you’re booking on again-off again death metal band Nachtmystium, you’re taking a gigantic leap of faith. Take it from us. We had them set to play our Metal Insider CMJ showcase a few years back. Founder Blake Judd begged us for the money for the show in advance, which we ultimately advanced him. He of course got jailed for stealing from bandmates, and of course, we didn’t get the advance back. The frontman had been going through a hell of a heroin problem, and also ripped off Nachtmystium fans that had pre-ordered the band’s album, The World We Left Behind, by not delivering the album or merch that fans had ordered. The  band broke up shortly after that, and Judd claimed that he’d taken off to go get sober. Now the band have apparently reunited, at least for one nitht, at the Louisville Deathfest on September 29th. 

If we can give the organizers some advice, don’t pay Judd up front and have an alternate headliner as backup. If that sounds like we don’t trust Judd and we might still be a little angry about it, well, yeah. At any rate, Morbid Saint, Brutality, Dehumanized and more will be sharing the bill with Nachtmystium for the fest, which will be taking place on September 29th and 30th, and it’s being billed as the  band’s only U.S. appearance this year. You can find more out about that here. Theprp has found some correspondence from Judd about the show, and also information about an EP coming from the band. There’s also an instrumental demo, which can be found below:

“Alright everyone….what I (and I’m sure many or all of you) thought you’d never see again. Nachtmystium is doing a one-off exclusive set for the metal heads of the city I ran to and got sober in. We are headlining night 1 of the annual LOUISVILLE DEATHFEST, Friday, September 29th, 2017. We will be flying in from LA for this special show, and also bringing a full crew of sound and light techs with us to ensure the performance is above and beyond what one would expect from a band in a small, intimate club.

This city and the great friends I made there during my year living in half way houses / sober living residencies while I tried to put my shattered life back together is a place that will forever be very special to me. I am thrilled to be making my first trip back since moving to California late last year to be for this special event. We will be playing material spanning our entire catalog, focusing on albums / tracks that were never played live (primarily from the “Silencing Machine” and “The World We Left Behind” albums, along with the new material from the upcoming “Resilient” EP, which should be out on Earache Records in time for this show!) along with some staple songs for long time supporters. Expect a full 60+ minute set.

Thanks to AJ Lucas for having us. Can’t wait to see everyone and to put on the best show we can for you guys.
ALSO – in support of this unlikely event being announced, I have uploaded our new (now finished!) instrumental demo for a brand new track called “Voidless“. A link to the SoundCloud page where the track is streaming can be found below. This demo will be a free download track all weekend in support of the announcement of our appearance at Louisville Deathfest 2017!”

All we can say to everyone involved is… good luck.

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