Metalocalypse wants back on the air and you can make it happen!

Posted by on October 9, 2015

We’ve been talking about that Metalocalypsenow.com website that showed up a few days ago with a countdown to something and we finally now what that countdown is about and is basically the time when you can become a Metalocalypse hero!

Brendon Small, creator of the popular show Metalocalypse has launched a new campaign to finally release the show’s finale, which he has already written but couldn’t release before Adult Swim pulled the plug on the show. As Hulu now owns the rights to stream the show, Smalls is trying to get them to partner with Adult Swim to make the finale a reality and he’s asking for the help of every fan out there to let them know we want to see it.

There’s some ways you can do that: You can tweet (in a nice way, please) to Hulu and Adult Swim’s account that you want the show back; you can also sign this petition; or if you want to make it old school, you can send a letter with a guitar pick and ask them to let the show finish properly. Why the guitar pick? “They can’t ignore thousands of guitar picks”

There you go, if you want to see the end of the show, you know what to do. Hopefully, Small’s final efforts will work and we get to see the show one last time in, surely, the most epic way we’ve ever seen.

[via Metalsucks.net]

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