Macy’s to return stolen battle vest

Posted by on February 18, 2016

960A couple weeks ago, we wrote about Meshach Babcock, a metalhead who’s beloved battle vest was stolen about three years ago, and that it ended up in at Macy’s in New York City. Since then, Babcock’s had an ongoing Facebook campaign to get it back, posting updates of any progress made. We’ve been following it, and it seemed to be going well. Today we found out Babcock’ll be getting his vest back! The Guardian reports Macy’s is working to get the vest back to him:

 “Now, a reunion between Babcock and the vest is in the works. Babcock has been negotiating with Macy’s to get the vest back, and said the store is requiring him to prove he is the owner by sending them pictures of himself and the vest.“Basically, I just told them all the patches that were on the back – that was a clear indication because there’s no pictures [of the back] online,” he said.

Ryan Lally, a spokesman for Ralph Lauren, told the Guardian that once Ralph Lauren’s creative team – which purchased the vest through a third party – and Macy’s became aware of Babcock’s claims, they agreed to give it back to him.

“The jacket was taken down already last week and it will be sent back to him,” Lally said.

A Macy’s representative said the vest was not the store’s property and confirmed they were working with Babcock to return the vest.”

Whether Macy’s actually wanted to return the vest, or just wanted to avoid a massive PR disaster is unknown. What’s also unknown is how the vest made it from a battle of the bands in Oregon to New York (is it just us, or would that make an amazing movie?). What’s more important is that Babcock is finally getting back his prized vest. The reunion is perfectly timed, too. Babcock’s band, Maniak is reuniting. Finally, a metal happy ending.

via [The Guardian] and [Metal Injection].


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