Lamb of God are working with Josh Wilbur again

Posted by on May 12, 2015

logLamb of God continue to do things. We’ve known they’ve been in the studio since late last month when they decided to follow Randy Blythe’s example and hop on the Instagram train. Yesterday, the band posted a picture of a guy at a computer doing some mixing. It didn’t take long to realize that guy was Josh Wilbur, who produced the band’s last two albums, Wrath and Resolution. While you’d think that it could be pretty much anyone with short hair and an earring, Wilbur has been retweeting Lamb of God’s pics, as well as posting some of his own via Twitter. So there you have it. While the band is letting Instagram do all of their heavy lifting as far as talking about their next album, if we’re to go on what it’s shown us so far, the new album will have guitars on it, and Josh Wilbur will be mixing and/or producing it. And also, black and white is better than color.

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