Recently, we reported that Asking Alexandria had found their new singer – except not really. A Twitter account under the name Jimmie Strimell (formerly of Dead By April) tweeted out that he was going to be the new vocalist, going on to subsequently tweet about how excited he was to join Asking Alexandria on Warped Tour 2015. There was a slight problem however: no one else was backing up his claim. Members of the band and Asking Alexandria’s label denied the claims, and the Strimell account later tweeted, “I was joking guys, chill” with a link to his previous announcement tweet.

Well, turns out there’s more. The real Jimmie Strimell reached out to us this weekend to clear some things up. He states:

“Hi I am the real Jimmie Strimell!!

I just found out that a tweet by someone calling himself Jimmie Strimell has made a joke on my behalf and may be causing Asking Alexandria some problem as well? I’m sorry about that but I can assure you that it was not me. People start profiles in my name on a lot of social media sites, and the last time I counted I found 8 Jimmie Strimell on Facebook (none of them were me). I have not been a member of any social media site for almost three years.

So, as you all know now: I am not the new singer of Asking Alexandria and never claimed to be.

I am the new singer in My Collapse though! (Teaser)

So, it turns out the account wasn’t even Strimell after all, just some joker stirring the pot. As of now, Asking Alexandria hasn’t made any official statement about the state of their search for a vocalist before Warped Tour, and none of the current members have touched the topic on Twitter since. As guitarist Ben Bruce stated the day the rumors surfaced, fans will hear it from him and the band first when Asking Alexandria finally picks a singer to join them.