aastrimellGood news for fans of Asking Alexandria – they have a new singer to replace Danny Worsnop! Dead by April singer Jimmie Strimell made the announcement that he’s the new singer  via Twitter. “ANNOUNCEMENT: I am very pleased to say I will I will be joining@AAOfficial I am so stoked guys! This is a brand new chapter! \m/” The singer has updated his Twitter page to say that he’s the singer and also released subsequent tweets confirming that he’s the singer and promoting the band on Warped Tour.

There’s only one thing wrong, though. Both Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen and the band don’t seem so positive that he’s the new guy. Lambgoat reached out to Avildsen, who commented “I don’t know who that dude is but he’s not the new singer.” And while Asking Alexandria guitarist Benjamin Bruce didn’t deny knowing who Strimell was, he did issue a Tweet saying “Until I say anything… don’t believe the rumours!!! It takes a special person to join our family 😉  I’ll be the first to tell you 🙂

Well, either Strimell has majorly jumped the gun, which isn’t a good first move as the singer of a popular band, or maybe he’s just some dude looking for attention. Either way, it’s not a good look for him. It makes him look over-eager and amateurish if he’s announcing it before the  band does. And it also makes Asking Alexandria look a little foolish if they do announce him after the fact.



UPDATE: Strimell has since admitted he’s not the new singer….


[via Lambgoat]