Is Iron Maiden Planning On Releasing A New Album Next Year?

Posted by on April 23, 2013

Iron Maiden surprised everyone in 2010 by not only putting out a new album, but by putting out a new album that was actually good. The Final Frontier, the band’s 15th album, was easily the band’s best since 2000’s Brave New World. Following a world tour in support of that album and last year’s Maiden England tour that’s carrying over to this year, it appears the band might actually be eyeing releasing a new album, their 16th, next year.

In an interview with Swedish website Talaforum.se, Bruce Dickinson talks about taking chances. Among those are abruptly leaving Iron Maiden in 1993, living as a homeless person down to his last ten pounds in London and owning up to responsibilities. Yet as interesting and insightful as the article is (seriously, it’s worth a read, even if the translation loses a few things here and there), the real takeaway from the article is buried at the end: the band is planning to record a new album, which will be released in 2014 if all goes according to plans. While there’s no direct quote from Dickinson saying that, it would fit in with their general schedule, which has seen the band releasing an album roughly every three years. However, there was a four year lapse between The Final Frontier and A Matter of Life and Death.

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