Iron Maiden offer update on Ed Force One

Posted by on March 14, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 1.23.00 PMLast Saturday, one of the worst things possible happened to Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One, but in the best possible way. While in Chile’s airport waiting to be fueled, the place was involved in an accident that damaged the plane band enough for it to be rendered inoperable. Usually if a band’s vehicle breaks down, they’ll get a replacement bus. However, with a custom 747 designed to fit the band and crew and the massive stage production, it doesn’t really work that way, especially considering Bruce Dickinson pilots the thing. Thankfully, the band were able to continue without a hitch, and offered an optimistic update on their website Saturday regarding the two injured crew members and the remainder of the tour.

We are happy to tell our fans in Cordoba that our Killer Krew has sorted out all logistics for us to be there with our full show for you all tomorrow. We expect no disruption to the tour in any way and are looking for a replacement 747 Ed Force One while our current beauty is healed. More news on that later. Until then, believe me, we will get to you all on this tour one way or another wherever you are.

We are also delighted to say that we have been officially informed that the two Chilean airport staff who were injured following the malfunction of the tow truck connecting bolt will make a complete recovery. Best wishes to them and their families.

Up the Irons!  See you soon. And thanks Chile, what an amazing reaction and show!!

Well played, Maiden, well played.

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