Glenn Danzig’s house comes with Franken Berry, random other Danzig-like stuff

Posted by on August 15, 2017

If you’re into real estate and metal, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Glenn Danzig’s Los Feliz house hitting the market for $1.2 million. Unfortunately, the house is now listed as being off the market, suggesting that it’s been sold, or the seller got cold, dirty black feet. And while the fate of Danzig’s old crib is still up in the air, last week, a Death and Taxes writer’s friend set up a viewing of the house. While it was listed “as is,” that means that in addition to it’s generally run down appearance on the outside, it comes with everything inside. Danzig hasn’t lived their since the early 200s, but there’s still plenty of his old stuff that comes with the house. 

For one, you’ll get a box of cult horror-themed cereal Franken Berry, along with a box of Count Chocula. Unfortunately, there’s no Boo Berry, but there is a creepy teddy bear that comes with it. You’ll also get a floor mattress in one of it’s four bedrooms, action figures galore, some of them in their original packagine, and some books from his collection. You can see the all the shots over at Death and Taxes, who note that although the house will take a hell of a lot of work to restore, a four-bedroom house in that area would be pretty expensive anyway. And at least breakfast will be taken care of. 

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