The saga of late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray has been going on since his death by overdose on morphine and fentanyl in 2010. Dr. Daniel Baldi, who’d been treating Gray when he died, was acquitted in 2014 on ten counts of involuntary manslaughter after a handful of patients, including Gray, died. Gray’s wife Brenna filed a case against him, but it was dismissed due to a statute of limitations. However, a charge that was filed on behalf of their daughter, October, was allowed to proceed last year. The Des Moines Register reports that the case was to go to trial this week, but was settled this past weekend for an undisclosed amount.

Baldi’s lawyer declined to say which party settled the case or how much it was for, but it was the last of a handful of suits that were filed. The initial charges filed in 2012 alleged that Baldi caused deaths by prescribing large amounts of pills to patients who showed clear signs of drug abuse. Since the jury acquitted him in 2014, he’s since had his license reinstated, and is working as an anesthesiologist in Des Moines. Gray’s daughter October wasn’t yet born when her father died.