Crosscheck drummer making progress on his recovery

Posted by on August 12, 2015

Earlier this month, Crosscheck drummer Tom Alderson had to be hospitalized after being attacked, allegedly by Ian Adams of Heavy Chains and Suburban Scum vocalist Ryan “Karebear” Taylor during the This is Hardcore Festival and it caused quite a stir around the scene, including Weekend Nachos retracting from performing at the Back to School  gig where Karebear was involved before being removed from the festival after the incident.

A Gofundme campaign was launched to help Alderson pay his medical bills and it surpassed its goal, reaching almost $27,000 and now we finally havet an update on his status:

Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts. The love and support is incredible and keeps us all positive and moving forward. Tom is making an incredible recovery. He is out of the hospital now and currently in a brain rehabilitation hospital. Everyday he does so much and remains determined. The recovery time is undetermined and it sure won’t be easy but with all that we have done and continue to do, along with his amazing strength, he’s got this.

Suburban Scum released a statement in sympathy towards Alderson due to the incident, with the absence of Karebear from the statement but there has been no word from Heavy Chains, who was removed from the Life & Death Tour with Bane, Turnstile and Backtrack.

Once again, we would like to remind everyone that tough guy hardcore is a joke, and people need to get over themselves.

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