Last weekend, the This is Hardcore Festival took place in Philly with a lineup full of angry hardcore bands who like to hardcore dance and beat each other up in the pit. It is common to expect a few fights breaking out at this type of festivals, but this time, seems like some bands were the ones taking part on the fighting.

According to a Twitter post by Jordan McKinney of the band Drown, Crosscheck drummer Tom Alderson was victim of an assault by Ian Adams of Heavy Chains and Suburban Scum vocalist Ryan “Karebear” Taylor, leaving Alderson seriously damaged with “physical injury and trauma to his head and other parts of his body.” The post reads as follows:

“I’ve been told to stay quiet, I’ve been told to speak but in the end I have only been focused on Tom‘s recovery and that is why this has taken so long. I am speaking out because my brother just spent his 24th birthday in the hospital while the people who are responsible are still at home.

Sunday, July 26th Drown/Crosscheck were at the Voltage Lounge setting up to play an after show for ‘This Is Hardcore. After Crosscheck was done soundchecking two people walked up to Tom asking to talk to him. Ian from Heavy Chains and Karebear from Suburban Scum.

They walked up to Tom asking to have a chat with him and even stated “we aren’t going to hurt him, just talk” and proceeded into the side room of the Voltage Lounge. They wanted to confront him about an incident that happened earlier that day between Tomand Ian in the pit. During the Forced Order set that day, while moshing, Ian claimed that Tom had hit him after a confrontation with Ian trying to headbutt him, Tom walked away assuming it was nothing. It’s a risk you take and can easily avoid being at these shows.

Throughout the rest of the day, Tom never heard anything else about the incident. Until Ian and Karebear approached him. So after taking him into the room, not even a minute later, Tom was struck by Ian and then was beaten and stomped on until they decided to walk away and leave. Yes, there are also people who witnessed this.

Karebear has admitted to a source (that we are choosing to keep anonymous) that he open hand slapped Tom before Ian attacked him, knocked him unconscious and then Ian continued to brutally hit and stomp Tom.

Karebear stood by and let this happen to Tom. He hit him for no reason at all. Tom was left there as these two people walked away like nothing happened. That is when I was told what happened and ran inside.

I walk onto the stage to see Tom lying on the ground lifeless, bleeding out of multiple places on his head and choking on his own breathing. After holding Tom for awhile waiting on paramedics, Tom went into shock and proceeded to throw up and lose control in my arms.

This is all something Tom‘s girlfriend and his closest friends had to watch as they could do nothing due to the actions of two people abusing force on someone that did not know what was going on. Drown and Crosscheck did not play the show that night because both bands spend the night in the hospital waiting on the closest thing we could have to an update on our friend.

We didn’t know if he would even make it. Tom was sedated and had breathing tubes inserted. He was administered major pain medication for the multiple facial fractures found through CAT scan. If he even sneezes or moves the bones in a certain way, he will have to undergo facial surgery. He suffered a very severe concussion which has caused him memory loss, and loss of cognitive skills.

He’s had to and continues to relearn basic things again like eat/talking/walking. NO ONE should ever have to experience this. If you have met Tom you know he is and will always be an amazing person. Stand up for Tom. Make sure this will NOT go unnoticed and things like this will NOT be allowed in the Hardcore community. Any community.

Do NOT support Heavy Chains and coming from someone a fan who has bought records and countless shirts from this band, do NOT support Suburban Scum OR Back To School Jam.

If you support any of this don’t ever talk to me again, don’t ever listen to Drown again and never speak Tom‘s name because if shit like this doesn’t open your eyes to start ignoring credibility to stand up for someone, then you’re no better than the rest.

If you think I should be taking this lightly then fuck you. Hold one of your best friends while he is dying in you arms and then speak to me.”

A gofundme account has been set up for Tom’s medical bills, and it’s already raised over $23,00, which is more than Heavy Chains or Suburban Scum have probably made in their careers. Heavy Chains was scheduled to perform at the Life & Death tour but, after the accusations done by McKinney in behalf of Alderson, the band Backtrack posted the following:

After careful consideration Heavy Chains will no longer be on the Life & Death Tour 2015. The number one priority for this tour is to provide a fun and safe environment for everyone at our shows, we have no further comment regarding the situation. Full dates are below, replacements will be announced soon.

The Back to School Jam previously mentioned is a festival happening this September in Howell, NJ, where Suburban Scum’s Karebear was co-promoting and performing, However, due to the issue and pressure from the remaining bands performing, the festival has removed both, Karebear and Suburban Scum from any involvement on the gig, stating the following:

So the last week has been one where a tornado of Chinese whispers, regarding a situation that only a handful of people truly know anything about, has developed and over-shadowed shows, fests and bands that have a passion for hardcore, friendship and standing up for what’s right.

We have both decided that Karebear will step down from his position as co promoter of this show. Also Suburban Scum will no longer be playing and a replacement will be added ASAP.

It’s important to state that Karebear did not jump anybody – and him stepping down is by no means an admission of any kind from his behalf but is out of respect for all involved. This situation should not overshadow the hardworking bands that are playing or the excitement about the return of one of the best modern HC bands, Trapped Under Ice. An important aspect of hardcore is about coming together and turning the negative into positive. With that being said this show will now be a benefit for Tom Alderson and ALL the money made from ticket sales will be donated to him. Plus Lifeless NLFTW will once again be apart of the Back to School Jam lineup.

Myself nor Karebear condone the actions that led to Tom‘s current position and hope that this sends a clear message that the correct steps are being taken to make this situation right and to ensure that the truth will surface.

We truly hope that Tom has a very speedy recovery.

We, here at Metal Insider would like to remind everyone to play safe at every metal show and to pit in a non-malicious way so you don’t have to worry about paying enormous medical bills for situations easily avoidable. Unless you’re into hardcore which, if that’s the case, we just hope no one jumps on you for just looking at them the wrong way. Tough guy hardcore is a joke, and people need to get over themselves.