Cro-Mags Release Statement; Harley Flanagan Defense Fund Started

Posted by on July 9, 2012

Years of infighting among Cro-Mags founding bassist Harley Flanagan and vocalist John Joseph came to a head on Friday during the CBGB Festival at New York’s Webster Hall when Flanagan stabbed current bassist Michael “The Gook” Couls and William Berario. Allegedly, Flanagan wanted to sit in with the band, and got irate when he was told he couldn’t. Webster Hall has said that they’d been warned about Flanagan, but don’t know how he got in. In addition to the statement from the festival, information has come out via a statement from the Cro-Mags.

“WE… as a band are truly sorry for the way it all turned out in every regard even the ex-member who’s family is now effected by his choices. Our prayers go out to them as well as Mike C., and the others who were hurt, but it was ‘his’ choice to come to our concert with a hunting knife, standing by our dressing door. Who knows what his actual intent was, obviously he wasn’t there with it to cut bread for a peace offering as he was heard saying outside he was putting an end to us playing without him. Let’s move on now & stop the trash-talking. Keep that PMA – that’s what we are all about.”

Meanwhile, if you can only give to one metal-themed legal defense fund this year – well, you’ll probably want to give to Randy Blythe’s. However, that hasn’t stopped someone from starting up a Harley Flanagan defense fund. The Kickstarter-like fund was started by someone that’s not too fond of spelling (it mentions the event took place at “Weber” Hall, and aims to keep Flanagan from “Rickers” Island), but alleges that Flanagan is a legend (well, yeah, but so is Charles Manson) and a father of two (sure, which is maybe why he shouldn’t have stabbed and bit people – allegedly). The fund aims to raise $50,000. So far it’s raised $484 from 14 backers.

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