Another Update: Tom Araya Has Vertigo

Posted by on March 1, 2011

Since being sent to the hospital this past Sunday (February 27), which forced Slayer to cancel their Soundwave Festival appearance in Sydney, Australia at the last minute, we’ve been receiving minor updates about singer/bassist Tom Araya’s condition. Today, though, we hear word from Araya’s wife Sandra that he was diagnosed with vertigo. Mrs. Araya posted the following update on her Facebook account:

“TOM’S HEALTH…he was suffering from VERTIGO due to EXTREME DEHYDRATION – AND LACK OF REST! Our doctor is in the process of getting the results on the test that were ran (major time zone difference and being the weekend has held up those results). Hopefully there will be nothing more to add after the results are returned.”

So there you have it. No word on whether this new diagnosis will affect Slayer’s immediate touring plans (including the remainder of the Soundwave Festival). We will keep you posted when more if confirmed. We hope that Araya makes a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: The Soundwave Festival’s organizers released the following statement supposedly from Tom Araya:

“Sorry I couldn’t make the Sydney festival show. I am feeling much better and look forward to performing in Melbourne [on March 4].”

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