Another Tool song is in the can, but not with vocals

Posted by on January 24, 2017

Being a Tool fan is an exercise in frustration. It’s been an extremely long time (coming on 11 years) since the band released their last album, three years ago they resurfaced to say that legal issues kept them from working on the follow-up until then, and even their singer called die-hard fans “insufferable,” even if it was tongue in cheek. And while there’s no update, the band continue to play every so often, even as Maynard James Keenan continues work with his side projects. Their fans are forced to take any information they get, which the band are doling out in bits. Today’s update comes from guitarist Adam Jones, who shared the following on his Instagram:


~ Another arrangement in the can (minus Vox) #onefingerchallenge #Tool song schematic

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That’s par for the course. It seems like the band are continuing to write music for the band, then send to Keenan to listen to until he comes up with vocals for them. Last year he’d said the band found a common ground, but couldn’t move forward. Here’s hoping that they’ve made progress since then. Hell, worst case scenario, we’d take an instrumental album from the band, and it’s at least somewhat encouraging to hear that an arrangement is done and completed. It’s unclear as to how many songs will be on the next album, or how many other arrangements are ready, but welcome to being a Tool fan.

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