Italy’s Tytus have re-released their album Rises earlier this week on Monday (22nd) via Kornalcielo Records. Known for blending classic metal with modern ferocity, the group is ready to embark on a European tour with Canada’s Thunder in May. Originating as an NWOBHM band, Tytus has evolved by adding elements of thrash, speed, psychedelic, and rock and roll to their sound.

The group comments:

“Our aim is to take the listener through a journey from the first to the last track, without letting him go until the end. For this reason, we like to use drones and different special sounds to link songs together, trying to create the perfect atmosphere to introduce each one of them.”

Track List

01) Ode To The Mighty Son
02) New Frontier
03) Haunted
04) 325 A.D.
05) White Lines
06) Omnia Sunt Communia
07) Inland View
08) Desperate Hopes
09) New Dawn’s Eve
10) Blues On The Verge Of Apocalypse

Tour Dates:

05/01 Italy @ Putzer Bikerfest – Natz Schabs BZ
05/02 Germany @ Schwarzer Keiler – Stuttgart
05/03 Belgium @ South of Heaven – Bilzen
05/04 Germany @ Gladbeck Metal Bash Open Air – Gladbeck
05/05 Netherlands @ Sound Dog – Breda
05/06 Germany @ Logo – Hamburg
05/07 Germany @ Reset – Berlin
05/08 Germany @ Black Label – Leipzig
05/09 Germany @ Paunchy Cats – Lichtenfels
05/10 Austria @ Escape – Wien
05/11 Slovenia @ Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna – Maribor
05/12 Italy @ Mesckio Bar – Caneva PN
*Note: 05/04 only Thunderor