The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt’s Road Report, #1

Posted by on November 5, 2013

wine• DAY 6: Memphis, TN 11/1

Album of the Day: Big Business, Battlefields Forever

With the exception of one show, we’ve only ever played one club in Memphis, the Hi Tone, so loading into Minglewood Hall today was a nice change of pace.  Our old friends and staff from the Hi Tone came out to the show anyway, it’s good to see that our buddies are still up to their old shenanigans.  Not a lot happened today, ate a veggie burger, played a really fun show, and watched a cool band called Tanks play an after party show in the Minglewood’s smaller, adjacent club.    After saying our goodbyes over a few shots of Woodford Reserve, we headed to the hotel to rest up for the long haul to Oklahoma City.

(above photo: One of the best bottles of wine I’ve had on this tour.  Get you some!)




DAY 7: Oklahoma City OK 11/2

Album of the Day: Die Antwoord, Ten$ion

Today we played a famous old honky tonk, the Diamond Ballroom, located in beautiful B.F.E., Oklahoma.  Over the last 50 years this place has hosted shows by everyone from Buck Owens to Skinny Puppy.  The wall of fame behind the stage had some absolutely amazing autographed promo glossies; “Diamond” Darrell-era Pantera, Smashing Pumpkins, Loretta Lynn, the list goes on and on.  If these walls could talk…  After just about the worst excuse for Thai food I’ve ever paid money for, we played a really fun show to an incredibly enthusiastic crowd.  It seems like Clutch and The Sword’s sets at Rocklahoma this past summer left the people out here craving more.  Oklahoma knows how to have a good time!  Tomorrow will be a rare treat, a day off on tour in our hometown.  The next show is in south Texas and I’ll be damned if Austin isn’t on the way.  It’ll be nice to unwind a bit with GTAV and take a day off from the Road Report.  See you animals in Corpus Christi!

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