The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt’s Road Report, #1

Posted by on November 5, 2013


kylehalloweenDay 5: Louisville, KY 10/31


Album of the Day: Danzig, 4

When you’re in a touring band for a living, you’re almost never home for you or your loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, et cetera.  And what just happens to be today?  Halloween!  Being gone constantly for the holidays can bring you down a bit, but you just have to remember to treat every day you are home like it’s special.  Today we played Expo Five in Louisville, KY.  The venue itself is another hangar type situation, but the dressing rooms are housed in a fully functioning flea market.  While the market was closed for the day, it was fun perusing all of the stalls through the chain link fences put up to keep us from taking all their sweet loot, like an Earthworm Jim action figure or a broken organ.  American Sharks have been throwing me under the bus every night via their stage banter, I can’t wait to see what else they come up with over the course of the tour.  After our set I donned a fake beard and sunglasses in an attempt to be Billy Gibbons, but I ended up looking like a hippie Muppet.  The rainy weather lasted all day and an FFA convention in town meant that every hotel was booked solid, so we had to drive about 40 miles down the road to stay in a non-smoking room that must have been “smoking only” for 45 years.  Happy Halloween, everybody.

(above photo: Crappy Halloween!)

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