The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt’s Road Report, #1

Posted by on November 5, 2013


georgia theatre• DAY 2: Athens, GA 10/28

Album of the Day: The Replacements, Tim

Today we played the Georgia Theater in lovely Athens, GA.  This venue, from the staff to the catering to the sound and lights, is a shining example of what every rock club should aspire to be.  The only negative thing you could say about the place is that you have to hike up six flights of stairs to get to the green room, but my beer gut could use the exercise so I’ll let that one slide.  About four years ago the venue had burned down and was completely renovated, I’m glad to see that whoever was in charge of the remodeling took the time to do it the right way.  Being in a rock band for a living usually means spending weeks upon weeks in shit hole rock clubs, so it’s refreshing to see a club staff that takes pride in their establishment.  Once again, all three acts had a fantastic show.  While hanging out by the merch tables I couldn’t help but notice that older women are buying American Sharks “herb” grinders like they’re going out of style.  Looks like Grandma likes to unwind.  I love Athens.  I’d hate to speak too soon, but this one is definitely in my top three favorite  tours ever.

(above photo: Plaque outside the Georgia Theatre)


dwightyoakam• DAY 3: Chattanooga, TN 10/29

Album of the Day: Monster Magnet, Last Patrol

Today’s show is at Track 29, another historic train yard venue that’s big enough to park a 747 inside it.  No matter how many shows I’ve played, it’s still a little nerve wracking to load into a building that large when it’s empty.  But wouldn’t you know it, a ton of people showed up.  The sound quality of these airplane hangar-type of clubs is usually shot to hell, but the entire ceiling had been dampened so the place sounded great.  The backstage hallway is covered with concert posters signed to the venue, I was stoked to find one from Dwight Yoakam in the bunch. It occurs to me that there’s probably going to be very little drama on this tour, from the inside anyway.  I guess that’s what happens when bands have a mutual respect for each other paired with a solid work ethic.  After the show we headed to the hotel and arrived just in time to catch Chromeo bust out a track from their new album on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  And bust it out they did, I can’t wait for this record to hit stores.  Their rhythm section was fleshed out by Death From Above 1979, who did a great job and would be a cool addition to the tour that’s sure to ensue.  Good job, dudes.  Tomorrow we head to Nashville for a day off.  I’m either going to find a quiet spot to start reading the copy of Neuromancer I snagged just before this tour, or I’m going to find a bar that needs pushing up.

(above photo: Autographed Dwight Yoakam poster from his latest album)


toilet• DAY 4: Nashville, TN 10/30

Album of the Day: Propaghandi, Failed States

Today was one of those “it’s a small world” kind of days off.  One would think that we hear enough loud guitars on a daily basis, but we almost always end up checking local listings to see if there’s any shows worth crashing.  And wouldn’t you know it, the people who run the amp repair shop in front of the studio where we recorded “Apocryphon”, the same people who custom built a sweet one-knob amp for me, were playing a show with their feminist punk band, War on Women, at The End.  I hadn’t been to The End since The Sword played there in ’06, and it hasn’t changed a bit.  Just when you get used to the smell of the place, you go to the bathroom and realize that there CAN be a worse smell than death.  After War on Women threw down, a local band called Linear Downfall begun setting up tons of keyboards and amps.  We had never heard of them, but the second their set started we all were on the floor.  They played the most schizophrenic psych-rock I’ve seen in a while, Frank Zappa would’ve been proud.  Much of their set reminded me of a lot of the old Skin Graft Records bands that used to tour through Austin all the time.  If Sargent House doesn’t sign this band right now, they’re fucking up.  After picking up some merch, we headed back to the hotel to rest up for Halloween in Louisville.  It’s a small world.

(above photo: Restroom at The End.  Can you taste the waste?)

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