Russian BFMV show attendees start fire, mosh around it

Posted by on June 20, 2016



This past Wednesday (15), Bullet For My Valentine played a show at St. Petersburg, Russia’s A2. And as the amazing-looking picture that the band posted on their Instagram account shows, someone got a flare into the show which started a fire. The video below shows  that it wasn’t lit for extremely long, but that’s still something that was highly illegal and shouldn’t have happened. The band appears to keep playing as some in the crowd happily mosh around the fire. This isn’t the first time this has happened, as there was also a fire raging from a flare during Anthrax’s Chile On Hell concert in Santiago.

Obviously, this is an extremely dangerous thing to have happen. Here in America, we have the Station Nightclub fire of 2003 that killed 100. Just last year in Romania, a band called Goodbye to Gravity was playing their record release party when pyrotechnics they were using ignited, killing 51. Granted, both of those instances were started by the bands themselves, but that doesn’t matter because the message to be taken out of this is that pyrotechnics and fire are dangerous at a crowded venue. Even in sharing the image, BFMV cautioned that it was dangerous. We’re not sure if there’s a precedent for lighting fires at metal shows, but don’t do that ever here or abroad.

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