The music world is still reeling after the recent Paris terrorist attacks at the Bataclan venue. The Eagles of Death Metal, who were playing when the attacks began, issued a statement, as well as the venue owners. The Foo Fighters, Deftones and Lamb of God all cancelled the remainder of their European tours and went back home.

Over the weekend, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe posted a lengthy statement to Tumblr, at the behest of the band’s management, to explain their recent cancellation in Europe.

Said Blythe on his Randonesia blog,

“By not playing, they are letting ISIS win”? People, do you have any idea of how colossally stupid this sounds?

Please crawl out of the hive mind echo chamber for a second and try to use your own head for a change- these are ROCK BANDS trying to play a gig without being gunned down onstage, not Navy SEALS assaulting a mountain stronghold in the Hindu Kush. You aren’t going to stop a bullet with a ripping guitar solo- Jimi fucking Hendrix couldn’t do that, even if he resurrected and came back to rock Europe one more time. This isn’t a game of Mortal Kombat or a goddamn G.I Joe cartoon or just some news story- almost 100 people died horrific deaths just over a week ago, screaming with terror as they were gunned down like fish in a barrel simply because they were crammed into a club trying to have a good time at a rock show. These were real human beings, not blips in a Twitter feed.”

Fans are upset, but like Blythe says, “I will not be castigated or chastised for making a decision I felt was in the best interest of the safety of a) first and foremost, myself, and b) hundreds of other people. Like it or lump it, that’s the way it fucking is.”

As of right now Lamb of God will be touring the US with Anthrax in January of 2016.