Kittie drop off Civil Unrest tour

Posted by on May 13, 2015

The male/female ratio at the Civil Unrest tour keeps leaning more heavily in the male direction, as Kittie have exited the Ill Nino-led tour. If you’ll remember, a few months back, Otep dropped off after the singer Otep Shamaya claimed she was groped by the vocalist of Terror Universal. While Terror Universal, a masked band whose members had until-then been unidentified, weren’t on the tour, their drummer, Dave Chavarri, plays in Ill Nino. While he denied any wrongdoing, Chad Armstrong was eventually dismissed from the band, suggesting that there was truth in Shamaya’s allegation, but the damage being done, Otep wasn’t about to return.

Kittie was a suitable replacement for the tour, being of the same era and general nu-metal vibe of both Ill Nino and Otep, but their reason for cancelling the tour wasn’t anything to do with anyone in any of the other bands. Instead, it was geographical. From their Facebook page:

With heavy hearts, we regret to announce that we will no longer be appearing on the Civil Unrest tour this June with our friends in Ill Nino, due to unforeseen issues with immigration in the USA.  This is a huge disappointment, but a situation out of our control, so we hope you understand.
We fully support our friends in Ill Nino and the entire Civil Unrest Tour line up and wish them the best as they continue on this tour without us.

Straight Line Stitch and Motograter are among the other bands performing on the tour, which starts on June 3rd. However, losing Kittie, who was direct support, has gotta hurt.

[via Lambgoat]

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