King 810 guitarist arrested, facing weapons charge

Posted by on August 3, 2017

King 810 seems to enjoy heating things up whether it’s through a PornHub exclusive music video, or having a few shows banned due to their violent imagery. These Michigan metallers have gotten themselves into trouble once again, and this time around, there’s a chance the show will continue as planned. The group are scheduled to appear at this weekend’s Bloodstock Open Air festival and as of yesterday (2nd), Andrew Beal could be a wanted man. The band revealed the guitarist was faced with a weapons charge this past weekend. They didn’t provide too many details on his case, however, they are determined to head out overseas carrying out their scheduled gig.

The group made the following announcement:

UK Family,

As Bloodstock is quickly approaching we wanted to update you on a situation we’re dealing with at home. Beal was brought in on a weapon’s charge on Sunday night. While the details of this bond are litigated we wanted to reassure all that we will be on stage at Bloodstock either as free men or as wanted men. Will keep you posted.


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