Gideon has even more touring problems

Posted by on March 29, 2016

gideonvanTouring isn’t easy, and if you want proof of that, look no further than Gideon. The band was in the news just last week after their van was broken into last week in Oakland, with the band losing their merch money, guarantees, passport, personal belongings and more. They launched a gofundme page, which has  gotten them a respectable $5,800 of the $8,500 they were seeking to get back on their  feet again. They also probably learned a lesson about always taking anything of value with them wherever they go. However, none of that matters, because yesterday, the band’s tour van, the one that was broken into, was involved in an accident.

Thankfully, it appears that the van is the only casualty. There’s no word on how soon it can be fixed, but the band is hoping to be able to continue their tour with Counterparts, Expire and Knocked Loose. If this isn’t a test of the band’s mettle, it’s hard to say what is. The band’s Gofundme page hasn’t been updated to reflect the accident, and beyond the initial post, the band hasn’t even updated their fans as to what’s going on, so stay tuned. The tour wraps up on April 10.


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