Fear Factory may not play Demanufacture in the US

Posted by on November 6, 2015

Fear Factory is set to start touring Europe tomorrow, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Demanufacture and playing the album in its entirety right into December.  Where’s the North America version of the tour? Well, according to Burton C. Bell, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen here in the states:

From his interview with Rreverb:

“RREVERB: Will you be coming back around to the North America after the New Year?

BCB: We’d like to. We’re going to figure something out. We’d still like to do a “Demanufacture” tour of the United States but it’s up in the air. The promoters aren’t interested.

RREVERB: Wait, what? Why? You mean Fear Factory will go out and play “Demanufacture” from start to finish and promoters aren’t interested? That seems crazy.

BCB: Yes, but they are not interested. It costs money; but hopefully we’ll see that change in the next couple of months.”

Guitarist Dino Cazares explained in a 2013 interview why they played Demanufacture in Australia:

“It was Australia that embraced FEAR FACTORY wholeheartedly first and so Australia was where we received our first silver and gold records for ‘Demanufacture’, so we figured that we’d go to Australia.”

It’s a risk to book a tour around an album that didn’t sell well, but as of 2002 Demanufacture has sold over 240,000 copies here in the US. Not their best selling effort, but it’s no slouch. Their latest release Genexus sold 10,875 copies in its first week of release, and they still managed to do a headlining tour!

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