Eyehategod, Ringworm, Enabler bilked by Savannah promoter

Posted by on June 23, 2014

savannhahmetalpunxSaturday should have  been a great show for the next to last date of the Eyehategod, Ringworm and Enabler tour. The show, which took place at the Dollhouse in Savannah, was a combined show with the three nationals and five other bands that was a birthday show for Savannah metal collective Savannah Metal-Punx. However, DoSavannah.com reports that promoter Floyd Lionel, who books under the name Black Southern Death Cult, allegedly took all the proceeds for the event, leaving all of the bands with no money.

This was Lionel’s last show in Savannah before moving to Ithaca, NY. He’d booked the room in collaboration with Savannah Metal-Punx. Earlier today, Savannah Metal-Punx’ Facebook page offered a response from Lionel:

First apologies all around for Saturday not making excuses but I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) what you witnessed Saturday night was a person having a full blown mental breakdown due to a lot of undue stress from what was already a very long and stressful day, My departure was not based upon any attempt to avoid responsibilities or as some corners have said ‘run off with band money.’ But to prevent a situation that could have quite easily deteriorated into a far worse harmful situation for myself and others around me. Again apologies to all whom were directly adversely affected by my breakdown

Dollhouse owner Peter Mavrogeorgis stated that the club wasn’t in any position to be able to pay the bands, but as a musician, offered free studio time to the bands:

“Any band that wants to record with us, I’ll give them that time in the studio for free,” Mavrogeorgis said. “That’s all we can do. We’re a new business. If I could have written a check and spent the next few days chasing Floyd, I would. If I write that check, it’s going to bounce.”

That definitely doesn’t seem like an offer that any of the headliners would be willing to take him up on. However, Mavrogeorgis says he’s working with local businesses and musicians to put on a donations-only show featuring local bands with proceeds going to the national acts and to help the venue recoup some of the costs. While Eyehategod and Ringworm had signed contracts with Lionel, he never signed the Dollhouse’s contract, so the venue can’t file a police report. In addition to the three nationals, the other bands that got shafted include Holly Hunt, Iron Man, Shroud Eater, The Day of the Beast and Coastlines. If you’re interested in helping out with the donations-only show, you can contact Dollhouse Productions at blake.dollhouse[at]gmail.com.

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