Days of the New break up on stage

Posted by on September 8, 2014

After getting back together earlier this year to do a 2014 summer tour with their original line-up, Days of New have broken up once more, this time from on stage.

The “Full Circle Tour” hit some rough spots leading up to this. In a show review posted in July, singer Travis Meeks, “angrily yelled about not being able to hear himself repeatedly. During a few tracks, he simply stopped singing all together, walked away from the microphone, and strummed his guitar.”

The band failed to play a show in Columbia, MO on September 4th. Then finally, at their St. Louis, MO show on September 6th, singer Meeks was “dazed and incoherent” on stage, and bassist Jesse Vest took the mic from Meeks and announced the break up.

“Meeks remained onstage before wandering around in the audience,” reports Alternative Nation, “speaking incoherently to audience members and yelling at the merchandise stand worker.”

The band issued a statement on their Facebook page:

We understand that everyone is concerned and anxious to hear details about what happened, what’s happening, and what happens next. Rest assured, we will be making a definitive statement about the future of the band very soon, but for now we are trying to clear our heads and recover from a very stressful weekend. All four of us appreciate your patience and support.

The self-titled debut album from Days of the New, released in 1997, went Platinum a year after its release. Since 1998 the band, notably Meeks, has endured many years of turmoil and line-up changes, releasing two more albums, the last in 2001. Meeks had appeared on A&E’s Intervention.



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