Dave Mustaine tees off on ‘asshole’ fan at concert

Posted by on October 12, 2016


When it comes to live music, 2016 might become known as the year of artists calling out their audience. Between Disturbed’s David Draiman shaming a fan texting her daughter to Corey Taylor and Tom Araya telling hecklers to get the hell out of their shows, bands have decided to not hold back if they think their fans are disrespecting them. That just happened again this past Friday (7) in Moline, IL, and this time it was Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine who went off on a guy that was talking over him. Here’s a transcription of what a clearly annoyed Mustaine said:

“Okay, everybody, I’m gonna wait ’till this asshole is done talking. No, go ahead. Whatever you’ve gotta say is more important than what I’ve gotta say. Go ahead. No, don’t act like a kiss-ass now. Talk or shut the fuck up. What a turd.”

He then went on introducing “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,” saying “okay, so, like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by this pile of shit…” You can see why Mustaine is a little upset. Granted, it was at a metal show, but in the middle of talking with an audience raptly listening to him, the guy’s clearly yelling to be heard. Mustaine has earned the right to tell a story or two in between the band’s set, and he’s doing nothing wrong in our opinion by calling the guy out.



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