Well, April is for sure becoming a whole pile of crazy.

Hey, concert junkies! Hope you’re doing it up and feeling fine. I’ve got another highlighted Metal Insider show list for you to look through whenever during your extra lunch break. Anyway, I hope you like it, and you will attend a bunch of good bands this month. Thanks for your support, and stay metal.

April’s final weeks are gonna be gnarly. But then again, the shows throughout those weeks will be too. And I’m not even a little upset!

April 19th – April 23rd:

Wed. April 20th, 2022: Armageddon Productions presents: Malevolent Creation, Narcotic Wasteland, Reeking Aura at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, NY

Thurs. April 21st, 2022: TKP: Cognitive, Hath, Replicant, Moniasin, Sarmat at Sovereign in Brooklyn, NY

Sat. April 23rd, 2022: Glorious Times Productions, Armageddon Productions present: A Day of Death – Tribute to Brian
Pattison/Cancer (starting times listed for each band below):

4:30 pm: Sewage Grinder

5:15 pm: Anthropic

6:00 pm: Embalmer

6:50 pm: Deceased,

7:55 pm: Incantation

9:15 pm: Massacre at The Brooklyn Monarch in Brooklyn, NY, and then moving over to Sovereign, which is in very close walking distance:

11:30 pm: Malignancy

12:30 am: Nunslaughter at Sovereign in Brooklyn, NY

Sat. April 23rd, 2022: The Eagles at the UBS Arena in Belmont Park, LI NY