‘sup, ya’ll?! You have no idea the level of excitement we’re feeling from knowing what’s in store for April.

So yeah, you know we listed some grand slams, and Ian’s concert calendar’s objective is to always spot-light the best and energize you for some ultra-heavy gigs coming down the pike throughout April.

This is going to be an amazing month. We’re letting Anvil (and Midnight Hellion!) smash our heads off of our necks all throughout America, and we’ll mosh in our towns with Satan and Carcass. Tell Ian (Instagram: izzysabbath, Twitter: blkholestomach) of the metal you’re jamming on right now. He’ll maybe hang with you at Exumer in Brooklyn, discuss just stoked he is for summer, and talk about how much black coffee he’ll need to keep his adrenaline pumping, just like Chev Chelios.

March 29th – April 1st :

Wed. Mar. 29th, 2023: Vader “40th Anniversary Tour” with Krisiun and Decrepit Birth at (le) poisson rouge in Manhattan NYC

Thurs. March 30th, 2023: Earth Crisis (Firestorm 30th Anniversary Show!) One King Down at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY

Fri. March 31st, 2023: Anaka at the Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY

March 31st – April 2nd, 2023: Dark Force Fest feat bands such as Health, God Module, Suicide Commando, Carnivore AD Presents: A Tribute To Type O Negative, Combichrist, Psyclon Nine, Actors, and many more at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in NJ

Sat. April 1st, 2023: Mutilated Records Presents: New York Under Darkness Chapter 1 with Thy Antichrist, Black Paradise, Winter Nights, Miséricorde, Blood and Roll at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, NY

Sat. April 1st, 2023: Church of the Cosmic Skull, Valley of the Sun at (le) poisson rouge in Manhattan NYC

Sat. April 1st, 2023: The Acacia Strain, Fit for an Autopsy, Full of Hell at The Palladium in Worcester, MA