‘sup, ya’ll?! We know you will enjoy perusing about some of the many great new gigs Ian is always excited to list for you well into the start of March. We know you will find there is something for everyone, because metal is for everyone. Everyone in metal has memories of bands and concerts that forever changed how they thought about the world. Also, be aware that it’s almost March and if you THINK the heavy hitting events stopped happening in February – ya thought wrong, paisanos. Heavy metal shines bright with more amplified thrill rides. Make March a month to remember.

February 23rd – March 3rd:

Fri. Feb. 23rd, 2024: Generation Kill, Thanatotic Desire, Xtinquish the Code, Metal Jacket at the Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY

Fri. Feb. 23rd, 2024: Tomb Mold, Afterbirth at the Meadows in Brooklyn, NY

Sat. Feb. 24th, 2024: NYC Metal Scene and DJ Szab will be hosting the “Shadowcult Metal Festival” presented by “The Legion of the Seven Churches New York Chapter” featuring: Another Demon, Necrostalker, Winter Nights, Epochsis, Chaka at Main Drag Music, located at 50 South 1st St (between Kent Ave. and Wythe Ave) in Brooklyn, NY

Thurs. Feb. 29th, 2024: Gravesend, Maul at the Meadows in Brooklyn, NY

Fri. Mar. 1st, 2024: Guitar Virtuoso / Instrumentalist: Joe Stump with special guests: Lost Legacy, more tba at PJ’s, 6, Baldwin Place, NY, USA

Fri. Mar. 1st, 2024: Mother Feather at TV Eye in Brooklyn, NY

Fri. Mar. 1st, 2024: Vajra, Fellahin Fall at the Kingsland in Brooklyn, NY

Sat. Mar. 2nd, 2024: Gutter Christ presents: Mortician, Bulldoze, Bayway, Chained to the Dead, Damage Control and 2nd stage: Gloves Off, Silenus, Jackal, Alley Thrash, Spirit Bomb at Salty’s Beach Bar in Lake Como, NJ

Sun. Mar. 3rd, 2024: Vajra, Fellahin Fall, Peregrination, Atomicbon at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ

Sun. Mar. 3rd, 2024: Author & Punisher, Morne, Glassing at the Meadows in Brooklyn, NY