Black Dahlia Murder crank it up to Threat Level Number Three

Posted by on August 19, 2015

The Black Dahlia Murder will be releasing Abysmal on September 18th, their seventh full-length record on Metal Blade Records. Since the announcemnt of the new album, we’ve heard “Vlad, Son of the Dragon,” and “Receipt,” and now they’ve “fired up” another track today on High Times, “Threat Level Number Three.”

Founding vocalist Trevor Strnad explains how best to enjoy the new track:

“Just like I did when I was young, I spend most of my time surrounding myself with music, and there’s no better way for it to take hold of you than to be high. It just seems like whatever the band at hand was intending, it just gets to you. Nothing they are attempting gets by your heightened sensitivity to it… you hear what they meant, exactly. It helps you see the message and appreciate the bigger picture. I think it’s a great tool for enhancing appreciation of the arts.”

You’ll be able to appreciate The Black Dahlia Murder this October when they headline the IndieMerch Tour here in North America, with support by Iron Reagan, Harms Way, and Maruta. And if you’re a weed enthusiast like Trevor is, you’ll enjoy his rankings of the strains he smokes, as well as some fun celebrity encounters he’s had that involve jazz cigarettes.

(via High Times)

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