Another Reason To Go To ‘Rust In Peace’ Tour

Posted by on January 26, 2010

As if Megadeth performing Rust In Peace in it’s entirety isn’t enough reason to get you to go to the Megadeth/Testament/Exodus tour, it completely slipped our minds that Testament was going to be playing their entire debut album, 1987’s The Legacy on the tour as well. Any self-respecting headbanger has both of those albums in their collection, so it’ll be awesome to hear both of them played live by two of the biggest metal bands of the ’80s. The only way this tour could be better was if Exodus decided to play Fabulous Disaster in its entirety. Fun fact: Testament actually used to be called The Legacy, but had to change their name for legal reasons.  Scroll down to the Megadeth post for the tour dates.

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