Ace Frehley announces touring lineup

Posted by on September 17, 2014

After a Top 10 debut with Space Invader, the best solo-debut by any member of KISS, Ace Frehley will head out on tour, his first run of US shows in four years. In a statement issued today:

“I can’t wait to hit the road again with this new lineup.  I’ll be performing Ace classics as well as songs off my new CD ‘Space Invader’ for the enjoyment of the fans. Let There Be Rock!”

The touring line-up is as solid as ever with Richie Scarlet on rhythm guitar and vocals (he appeared on Ace’s Trouble Walking in 1989), Chris Wyse on bass and vocals (he’s recorded with Ozzy and played with The Cult since 2006), and Scot Coogan on drums (he toured with Lita Ford in 2012).

It was just seven days ago that Frehley said money would be the determining factor for any kind of tour.

“It all depends on what the promoters are willing to pay. I like to pay my people well. If I can’t get enough money on the road to pay everybody and turn a nice profit, I’m not gonna do a major tour, I’ll do selected shows. It all depends. And if the album takes off the way I hope it will, it’ll probably be different.”

Tour dates will be announced next week, so then we’ll see if this is a “major tour” or just “selected shows.”

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