Brooklyn “sludge/gaze” band Spotlights are in the middle of two weeks on the road supporting Deftones and Refused. It’s a dream come true for the two principle members, married couple Mario and Sarah Quintero. The band is writing a tour diary for us chronicling their two weeks on the road. In this fifth installment, the band head  to Canada, say farewell to Refused and become direct support to the Deftones! You can read the other installments hereherehere and here.



August 15th, 2016

After an insanely hot, yet super fun day/show in Detroit we headed out to Canada. Toronto was incredible.  Aside from it being Refused’s last show on the tour, that is. We had a great drive and a super easy border cross.  Wish we had not been so paranoid and brought some more merch, but, live and learn!.  The staff at Arrow Hall were the best and the venue looked like a giant airplane hangar.  I believe this was the biggest place on the tour.   


We had a huge crowd and great response. We had such a blast!


Refused DESTROYED for their last set of the tour.  We felt like kids watching them in awe. There were some serious hugs and sad/happy feelings as we said goodbye.


We lucked out on the way back into the US with a super easy and quick crossing and got some rest before heading to Chicago, where we stayed with our BFFs and Sleep Lady comrades, Mike and Kristy Hayden.  Really glad we got to spend time with their beautiful son Westley.  We stopped by Dark Matter Coffee co. to see our buddy Tony Luce, and picked up some goodies for the road.


After a mellow drive to St. Paul, we met up with the Deftones guys and crew and had some much needed cocktails.


Really excited to kick off these last 4 shows as direct support for Deftones!! We hit Myth in St. Paul tonight then off to Clive, Iowa.  Can’t believe it’s almost over! 🙁