Metal Insider’s Top Five Lamb of God moments

Posted by on October 19, 2018

Lamb of God has become one of the biggest names in metal since their initial inception in 1994. The band’s career has taken a variety of twists and turns, both positive and negative, all of which have somehow figuratively catapulted them towards increased recognition in modern metal. Here are five moments that have helped define and redefine the band as they continue to decimate crowds across the globe with their brand of heavy groove.


1. Download Festival 2007
On June 10, 2007, Lamb of God played Download Festival in Donington Park, Leicestershire, England. The band ripped through material from their first four records, with the exception of sophomore release As the Palaces Burn, most notably focusing on their latest release at the time, Sacrament. Footage from the set has circulated the web in the years following the event, commonly discussed for Lamb of God’s particular tightness that day, as well as the massive crowd that Donington Park touts each year at the fest.


2. Ashes of the Wake
Clocking in at nearly 50 minutes in length, 2004’s Ashes of the Wake marks a pivotal point in Lamb of God’s career. The album, which was the band’s first on a major label, set a new standard for the New Wave of American Heavy Metal and underground metal as a whole. Some of Lamb of God’s most widely-known tracks are found on Ashes of the Wake; “Laid to Rest”, “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For”, and “Omerta”, to name a few.


3. Killadelphia
Released in December 2005, Killadelphia is Lamb of God’s only official live album to date. It contains nearly 70 minutes of material from their first three studio albums performed live, as well as one track, “Bloodletting”, from their former moniker Burn the Priest. The release marks a significant point in the band’s growth towards being one of metal’s biggest names. Lamb of God fires on all cylinders on the disc, arguably topping the studio versions of some songs and offering a crisp, raw energy that is heard throughout.


4. Knotfest, August 17, 2012 – Council Bluffs, Iowa
Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe was released on bail from the Czech Republic in August 2012 following false accusations of his responsibility in the death of a fan at a show 2 years prior. During this time, the band’s future was uncertain as the possibility of a sentence for the front man could have resulted in up to ten years of imprisonment. Following his return to the States on bail, Lamb of God appeared at Knotfest and was greeted with open arms. As the crowd chanted “Randy!”, the band took the stage once again after what seemed like an eternity of uncertainty. Though his future was still in question, the moment marked the return of the band
following Randy’s arrest and served as a glimmer of hope. Thankfully, it was eventually rule that Blythe was not criminally liable for the fan’s death; a decision that was upheld when appealed.


5. Slayer “Farewell” Tour 2018
Lamb of God is currently serving as direct support for Slayer during their farewell tour. The run has made stops in North America and will continue into Europe and beyond, lasting into 2019. Lamb of God’s role as direct support for the tour is quite fitting, as Slayer has been a massive influence on the band’s signature sound throughout the years. The milestone is just another checkpoint in the band’s career as they continue to rewrite the rules for the new wave.



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