Metal Insider’s top 10 most shocking moments of 2015

Posted by on December 23, 2015

brucedickinsoncancer_6387) Metal’s elite continue to age

Life is difficult and full of surprises, even for those on the top of the metal food chain.  One of the most shocking revelations happened when Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson revealed he was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had been battling it, pushing back the release of Maiden’s The Book of Souls. The metal community responded immediately with their messages of support and best wishes to Dickinson, which, being the badass that he is, not only recovered from it and was cleared to return to his band but actually cheated death twice.

While the reasons for his cancer condition do not have anything to do with age, this is just a sign that not everything can last forever and some of our metal heroes are aging, like Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, who has been struggling with his own health for quite some time forcing the band to cancel more than a few shows; Rush’s Neil Peart announcing his retirement from music after the band’s final tour; or Black Sabbath’s final tour not even resulting in a record, not to mention Motley Crue wrapping things up this year. Nothing lasts forever, folks.


cynic6) Cynic disbands

Cynic has gone through a lot of issues during their career, but the most shocking of them was this year when Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal had a fallout after their tour in Japan and the band announced their breakup via Facebook. However, that started some drama where Paul Masvidal claimed he wasn’t aware of the split until the Facebook post done by Reinert. That was the beginning of a long back and forth between both musicians, with Masvidal claiming he was locked out of the Cynic’s Facebook page and Reinert saying that wasn’t the case entirely and many other things. Reinert released an interview with Metal Injection detailing his side of the story while Masvidal preferred the keep the ordeal as a private matter. All we know is that Cynic may come back, as Masvidal declared on one of his replies to Reinert but we can be sure we won’t see the former Death drummer behind the kit.


mick_thompson_505) Slipknot’s Mick Thomson get stabbed in head

Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson might be in a successful multiplatinum band with a 15-year career, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s got his shit together. Back in March, he got into an argument with his brother Andrew. Sibling rivalry happens to everyone, but instead of yelling at each other and calling it a day, Andrew grabbed a knife and stabbed his brother in the back of the head. That sounds incredibly violent, and pretty much the last thing you’d want to do to a family member. Granted, the two had been drinking quite a bit, why not just punch each other, like everyone did back in the old days. The guitarist was fine, and later charged with disorderly conduct (as was his brother). It’s safe to say that things could have wound up much worse, and regardless, any family reunions are probably going to made weird by this.


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.51.39 AM4) Oral Sex at Dead Kennedys show

Punk is known for being anarchist and not following any sort of rules and that’s what makes it what it is today, but when some concert-goers decided to have some fun at a punk show, you can be sure people noticed. Dead Kennedys had a small run in the US west coast and during their stop in Solana Beach, CA, a couple in the front row got into the moment a little too much and decided to practice some cunnilingus on stage and in front of basically everyone with a phone camera.  While this sort of things may get you arrested if done in public, the couple did not face any charges as this qualifies as a misdemeanor and requires someone to actually complaining to invoke an arrest. While we can’t show you some of those pics for obvious reason, you can risk getting fired from your work and click here to have a better look.


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