Portnoy Asks To Rejoin Dream Theater, Gets Denied

Posted by on December 21, 2010

First, Portnoy leaves Dream Theater. Then, Avenged Sevenfold, who he’d been helping out this past year in the studio and on tour, told him his services were no longer needed. In that situation, one can either decide to pursue new music endeavors, or see if they can get their old job back. Apparently, Portnoy did the later and was, according to him, turned down.

Portnoy revealed the following through a recent post on his official website forum:

“Just for the record, this is indeed true…Fairly recently, I reached out to the guys to try and make amends and offered to reconcile for the sake of having peace back in our lives…(plus I know how much it meant to alot of the fans…)

I figured it was still possible to try and save us because they hadn’t made any announcements yet or begun any public activity with another drummer…but sadly, they declined my offer (well, actually their lawyer did…they didn’t even tell me themselves….) Sorry gang, I honestly gave it my all…So now the fans on my twitter and facebook can please stop asking me to go back to DT…I tried, and the door is now shut…the ball is now in their court, not mine…

PS – I’m not crying or looking for mercy by posting this…I am merely trying to set the record straight as that is always the most important thing about my relationship with you guys…no BS, no spins, nothing to hide…and for better or for worse, I tell it like it is… I’ve also recently seen some people accuse my online activity of ‘looking for attention or media coverage’ or ‘looking for sympathy,’ but it’s honestly none of the above…I merely value having an open and active communication with my fans…always have, always will…it is the cornerstone of everything I’ve done since day #1 with DT….

This was posted here FOR YOU GUYS to know about…here on MY message board on MY website….if it ends up on Blabbermouth or some other website that chooses to sensationalize it, that is THEIR doing….I did not send it out or create a “press release”….I am merely responding on a thread on my own Forum…Anyways, onward and upward…”

If this indeed is true, then you can’t necessarily blame Dream Theater for not wanting to take back Portnoy. First of all, guitarist John Petrucci has already confirmed that they have found Portnoy’s replacement. Plus, after all of the media drama surrounding the break up, which both Portnoy and Dream Theater helped contribute to, it’s not exactly like both sides can reunite without one having egg all over their face (or at least not so soon).

At this point, it’s just time to move on. I know Portnoy claims he isn’t trying to attract media attention, but ever since leaving the band he’s been constantly releasing statements about his departure and even dissing DT for moving forward without him. It’s great that he wants to be so active with his fans, but enough’s enough. Even A7X singer M. Shadows was uneasy at how “press-release happy” Portnoy has been. Sure, no one would complain if Dream Theater and Portnoy reunite in the future. But at the moment, I’m sure everyone is more interested to find out who Dream Theater’s new drummer will be and what Portnoy will do next. So enough with the press releases about the past, and let’s wait to hear about the future.

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