Doc Coyle’s Backpack Stolen From Dressing Room

Posted by on July 30, 2012

Not cool. Not cool at all. Someone stole Doc Coyle’s backpack out of the band’s dressing room while God Forbid were playing a show in San Antonio, TX. The backpack had pretty much everything in it that all of us would cry in pain over losing – laptop, cell phone, passport, and the list is longer. Doc, whom we had the great pleasure of interviewing back in May, tweeted about the incident:

So two days ago in San Antonio, someone stole my bag out of our dressing room with my MacBook pro laptop, iPod, hard drive, headphones, passport, toiletries, etc. It was in a beat up Swiss Gear backpack. If anyone who was there saw anything suspicious or lives in the area recognizes any of these items, please let me know. I do everything with my computer. Communicate, create music. This sucks big time,but it’s just stuff. I am lucky I have my health. So many are less fortunate. #gratitude

Well spoken, Doc! Still, we have yet to see if the backpack, or more importantly it’s contents, will ever turn up again. If you live nearby keep your eyes open, we sure don’t want to give God Forbid any reason to cut their current Trespass America Festival tour stint short – they will be on the road for another month.

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