And You Thought Your Day Sucked: Bat Pisses In Torche Guitarist’s Eye

Posted by on April 4, 2012

Torche guitarist Andrew Elstner has had something pretty disgusting happen to him that probably hasn’t ever happened to you: a bat pissed in his eye. We’ll pause for a moment so you can cringe a bunch. According to Pitchfork, Elstner was with a friend’s band, staying with a former roommate at his old home, built in 1824. Turning on the lights, he saw a bat that was scared and flying around the room. “As it passed by my head a fourth time at light speed, it managed to piss on my right eye,” he tells Pitchfork. He rinsed his face and went to sleep, which is something we wouldn’t ever be able to do with bat urine in an eye.

The next day he told his parents, who freaked out and told him he might have gotten rabies. While it’s not possible for that to happen, he said that “everyone from the local vet to our family doc to animal control, to my friend who’s an eye surgeon, to the nerds at the CDC in Atlanta” urged him to be vaccinated due to exposure. Without being treated, only three Americans have survived being diagnosed with rabies. While he went to the emergency room to begin the vaccination process on March 30, he’s not quite sure that it’s necessary, but is still going through with it. “I feel like i’m getting treated for a unicorn bite,” he said on Facebook. “Bunch of nonsense.”

At least Ozzy isn’t the only musician to have a gross bat-related incident happen. Torche’s awesome new album, Harmonicraft, comes out on April 24th.

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