In its sixth season premiere last Friday (April 27), the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures tried to find paranormal activity in the Riviera Hotel suite Frank Sinatra used to party in when in Las Vegas. The show recreated a Vegas party in an effort to bring out the ghost of Sinatra. And who better to help them awaken the spirit of Old Blue Eyes than… Motley Crue’s Vince Neil?

Wait, you’re trying to find paranormal activity in a Las Vegas hotel with a guy who knows better than anyone how to get banned from one? Interesting tactic. Neil does claim in an interview with The Las Vegas Sun that he, the show’s hosts, and their female entourage “experienced unexplained, first-hand encounters” during the shooting. Whether paranormal activity actually did occur in that suite, or if it was simply the booze taking effect over the Motley Crue singer, is up to you to decide.

Regardless, you can watch part of the season 6 premiere episode of Ghost Adventures, featuring Vince Neil, in the video above (at least until it’s taken down).

[via Noisecreep]