Video: ‘The Walking Dead’ Uses Clutch’s “The Regulator”

Posted by on February 13, 2012


If you didn’t bother watching The Grammys last night (spoiler alert: Adele and Foo Fighters ruled the night), then chances are you watched AMC’s The Walking Dead. We already knew ahead of time that Clutch’s “The Regulator” was going to be featured in the mid-season 2 premiere. Nonetheless, though, it was pretty awesome to hear the song during the episode. In fact, it might have been cooler than seeing Scott Ian as a zombie in the show’s webisode series.

In case you missed it, though, you can check out the part the barn burning scene that features “The Regulator” in the video above starting around the 30 second mark (at least until it gets taken down). However, if you missed last night’s episode and are afraid of any spoilers, then we suggest you wait till the full episode is online.

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