Mastodon’s Brann Dailor to sit in with Seth Myers’ band this week

Posted by on April 4, 2016

brann-dailorWe hope that Mastodon has many more years of making music, as they’re one of the few bands from the last 15 years that has continued to move forward, evolving from the thrashy near-hardcore of Remission to the riff-driven band that put out Once More ‘Round the Sun a few years back. However, if we can envision any of the guys doing something else entertainment-related, we could envision the  band’s Brann Dailor going to the Max Weinberg route and being a bandleader. His sense of humor is off the cuff, and he’s certainly diverse enough a musician. And while that’s a ways off if it ever happens, he’ll have a chance to show off his chops this week on Late Night With Seth Myers, as he’ll be sitting in with the 8G Band filling in for Fred Armisen starting tonight. Here’s what Dailor says about his four-day stint that starts tonight:

“I’m so excited to combine three of my favorite things. Playing drums, staying up late and watching tv. I love Seth Meyers and his show so I can’t wait to rip it with his band all next week!! It’s gonna be a blast!!”

Chances that Seth Myers knows any Mastodon songs? Slim to none. Chances that Armisen knows Mastodon and had Brann fill in for him? Much higher. The 8G Band also includes Seth Jabour, Eli Janney, Syd Butler and Marnie Stern. Late Night With Seth Myers airs at 12:35 ET/PT and 11:35 CT on NBC. The press release also tells us to “expect more Mastodon news to be revealed soon.” Well that’s encouraging!

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