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Albuquerque’s metalhead mayor likes more than just Anthrax

Posted by on April 19, 2018

Yesterday, America met Albuquerque mayor Tim Keller via a New York Times article about the 40 year-old. The politician is introduced in the article by exclaiming that he believes in the power of metal while introducing Anthrax onstage. That’s pretty cool in and of itself, but what’s even better about the accompanying article isn’t just […]

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Watch Albuquerque’s mayor introduce Anthrax on stage

Posted by on April 18, 2018

It’s not everyday when you attend a metal show and see your local politician announcing the headlining act. However, according to the New York Times, Albuquerque, New Mexico mayor Tim Keller, the die hard metalhead who believes in the power of heavy metal, introduced Anthrax on stage. We believe in the power of Albuquerque suddenly. […]

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