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New & Noteworthy: April 17th – Doomed New Releases

Posted by on April 19, 2020

New & Noteworthy is a weekly column in which we highlight some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week features new music from The Black Dahlia Murder and Abysmal Dawn, a live Myrath album, and more. For last week’s new releases you can check out the last New & […]

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Coronavirus: Myrath tour w/ Eleine CANCELLED

Posted by on March 23, 2020


Myrath were forced to cut their European tour with Eleine short due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Read statements below:


“We have to announce tonight in Leipzig will be our last show for that tour, venues have been shutting down behind us for almost every shows, we’re one of the last bands on tour in Europe right now.
We’re already planning to come back ASAP and we wanna deeply thank everyone of you who came to support us !
Be safe everyone and see you really soon”


“Here is the merch that should have been exclusively sold on tour.
It wasn’t meant to be put online but things don’t always turn out the way we want obviously.
As you can all imagine, the music industry (like every other field) is going to suffer a lot from what’s happening to all of us, and it will take months for technicians, booking agencies, promoters, venues, drivers, musicians, etc…to recover.
We saw bands who performed in empty venues, for their last shows, and stream them so fans can still have a little bit of what could have been a great night.
We salute them, that’s awesome, we wish we had the opportunity to do so, but we were on stage when we heard that show would be our last.
We then decided to ask venues if it would be ok to perform twice every night so maybe 200 people could see us perform, for few more shows, or even for one last show, to let the magic do its work one last time, a little while longer, but it was too late. We salute those who managed to do it.
Now, we also saw bands using crowdfunding to get out of this mess, we can’t judge that, we know the financial loss, but that’s not something we will do, that doesn’t seem right. All we have is our merch made for you, and it will remain magical no matter what.
We’re thankful we were lucky enough to do half of our tour when some bands we know couldn’t even start, we’re blessed none of us personally knows someone who’s suffering from that virus right now, our thoughts to those who didn’t have that chance, our thoughts to those working 24/7 fighting the disease so we can all be safe as soon as possible.
Stay home, stay safe, we’ll see you very soon. Until then, believe and carry on, always
https://igg.me/at/wNlsAeZ-mrU/x/12474866#/?ze “


“Since COVID-19 is almost making bigger headlines than The Beatles in the 60’s – no one has missed that bands, large and small, are being forced to either postpone or cancel tour dates.
We were ourselves in the middle of a big European tour with MYRATH when we found ourselves in the midst of the corona virus outbreak. We had no other option but to cancel the rest of our tour.
This has left us heartbroken since we know how many of you wanted to see us live once again or to see us live for the very first time. We’ve invested large amounts of money in this tour, that now puts us in a difficult financial situation due to cancellation.
We also wanted to meet you! We prepared with free Meet & Greets being held at EVERY venue after the shows, at the ready with signing pens and a lot of merch.
Since so many of you didn’t get the chance to see us, meet us and get stuff signed – We’ve put up now, for a limited time only, SIGNED “All Shall Burn” EP Vinyls and CDs for you to purchase alongside all our other merchandise such as t-shirts, prints, patches etc.
This is the least we can do in these heavy times for both artists and fans. This we do for you, our lovely fans, and it would also help us out immensely since we cashed out a lot of money for merchandise being available to any and all fans on this tour.
Our official webshop: http://www.eleine.myshopify.com
Or if you’re interested in becoming a official
Patron and get access to exclusive content, shoutouts, discounts etc. From 1$ and up www.patreon.com/eleine
Stay true, stay metal
Thank you for being the best fans we could ever wish for”


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Metal Insider’s Zenae Zukowski’s Top 20 Metal Albums of 2019

Posted by on December 23, 2019

  I try to follow the rules, but, once again, another year of good music has gone by, and I was able to narrow it down to 20 instead of 10. There are a bunch of variables that make me connect to a song or artist. Whether it’s the overall vibrations the sound leaves behind […]

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Metal By Numbers 5/15: Amon Amarth go berserk

Posted by on May 15, 2019

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.   Do you have any idea how many times I’ve had to go back and make sure I didn’t spell “Berserker” with a “z”? A lot. Putting the good ol’ B.A. in English to good […]

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New & Noteworthy: May 10th and 3rd, 2019 – Revelations of New Releases

Posted by on May 10, 2019

New & Noteworthy is a weekly column in which we highlight some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week is a double feature, and brings us new music from Amon Amarth, Myrath, Whitesnake, Possessed and more! For last (two weeks ago) week’s releases you can check out the last […]

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ProgPower USA 2017 line-up announced, Mike Portnoy & Katatonia to headline

Posted by on September 12, 2016

ProgPower USA is the premier U.S. festival for progressive and power metal. For 17 years they have been a paramount part in bringing some of the biggest and best names in the international progressive and power metal scenes to a country not known for either. This past Friday, September 9th, right before headliners Fates Warning […]

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Metal By Numbers 2/24: The holy grail of album sales

Posted by on February 24, 2016

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week. If you’re at all familiar with Metallica, then you know that The Black Album is one of the best-selling albums of all time. What you might not have known is that for the past couple weeks, The […]

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New & Noteworthy, February 12th – Crosswinds

Posted by on February 12, 2016

Winter weather up here in the northeast has decided to show up in force in recent weeks, and as the temperatures have dropped, so too has the release calendar cooled off somewhat. Here’s to hoping that things get hotter on both of those fronts in the weeks to come. In the meantime, enjoy these new […]

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