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Rigor Mortis singer required heart surgery, crowdfunding campaign launched

Posted by on August 11, 2015

Are you older than 30 and like thrash Metal? if so, remember Texas thrash squad Rigor Mortis and how good they were? Sure you do. Rigor Mortis held the banner as one of the most important thrash metal bands from the early 80’s in Texas and kept that status for years before breaking up after guitarist Mike Scaccia […]

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GWAR pay tribute to People Who Died in latest AV Club cover

Posted by on October 28, 2014

The Onion‘s AV Club has has a feature called Undercover for several years now. In the feature, they invite bands to cover a list of songs, and once a song is covered, it’s crossed off the list. For the last three years, they’ve only invited back one band, and that band has been GWAR. The first year, […]

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New & Noteworthy, October 7th – Sure Feels Right

Posted by on October 7, 2014

As promised, today carries a short list of new metal and hard rock releases. That’s okay, though, because today’s releases make up for their lack of quantity with plenty of quality. Dig in and enjoy what we have to offer today!   Sixx:A.M., Modern Vintage (Eleven Seven) Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is back with the […]

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Rigor Mortis streaming first album in 25 years

Posted by on October 3, 2014

It’s been a 25 year wait for Rigor Mortis to come out with a new album, and on Tuesday, October 7, the band’s final album, Slaves to the Grave, will be released. The album didn’t arriving without its share of difficulties, though. First and foremost, founding guitarist Mike Scaccia dropped dead of a heart attack […]

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Rigor Mortis needs your help crowdfunding their fourth and final album

Posted by on July 1, 2014

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lap221ZcJgk&hd=1[/youtube] Legendary Texas speed metal group Rigor Mortis has begun an Indiegogo campaign in attempts to crowdfund their fourth and final album, Slave to the Grave. Having just finished the recording before the unfortunate passing of guitarist Mike Scaccia, all there is left is to release the album. With labels being reluctant to fund an […]

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Al Jourgensen says Ministry will tour behind ‘From Beer to Eternity’

Posted by on June 2, 2014

When we last heard from Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, he was planning on getting hammered to watch the Super Bowl, then checking into rehab the following day. Apparently, it worked out, as the frontman has taken to his Facebook page again. On May 15th, he marked his hundredth day sober to state that he’ll be […]

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Ministry debut new video for “PermaWar”

Posted by on August 16, 2013

Ministry have already released the track “PermaWar” digitally, and now they’ve launched the video. Somewhat of a departure from the band’s earlier visual works, in that we see Al Jourgensen’s face more, military themes are still prominent in the new video for the single to be included on the band’s forthcoming album From Beer to […]

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Ministry Have Gone To The Dogs For New Album

Posted by on June 18, 2013

It was only last year that Ministry released Relapse, but their 13th album, From Beer to Eternity, will be coming out in September on their own 13th Planet Records. “But wait,” you might be thinking, “wasn’t Relapse supposed to be their last?” Well yeah, but Al Jourgensen zigs where others zag, and in his words, “I had no […]

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Ministry To Release “Final” Album In September

Posted by on March 28, 2013

Even before the release of Ministry’s “comeback” album Relapse last year, Al Jourgensen made it clear that the industrial metal pioneers won’t be around for much longer. And in an interview with Noisey, Jourgensen revealed that Ministry has one more album in it before calling it quits for good… again. During the interview, Jourgensen states […]

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Philip Anselmo And Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) Comment On Mike Scaccia’s Passing

Posted by on December 31, 2012

It’s been over a week since Ministry and Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away. And the metal community continues to mourn the loss of a truly talented guitarist, including a few of Scaccia’s well-known friends. Earlier this morning, Rigor Mortis singer Bruce Corbitt shared a statement from Philip Anselmo. The Pantera/Down frontman (whose relationship […]

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