Rigor Mortis singer required heart surgery, crowdfunding campaign launched

Posted by on August 11, 2015

Are you older than 30 and like thrash Metal? if so, remember Texas thrash squad Rigor Mortis and how good they were? Sure you do. Rigor Mortis held the banner as one of the most important thrash metal bands from the early 80’s in Texas and kept that status for years before breaking up after guitarist Mike Scaccia died back in 2012 from a heart attack. Now singer Bruce Corbitt, who’s also in Warbeast, has just undergone surgery for a heart condition, and his friends and family are looking for some assistance with the medical bills.

Corbitt suffered two heart complications that sent him to the ER due to his blood pressure skyrocketing and was advised to have a heart surgery to avoid the worst. He comments about the issue:

It became very evident that I can’t live a normal life anymore without doing the surgery, without fixing the problems, It’s not fair to me, my wife, my family and my band to have to worry. It’s no way to live: ‘Oh we can’t go out of town without worrying about his heart messing up.’ Nah, it’s worth the risk of surgery to live a normal life again. I feel like a walking time bomb.

A  crowd funding campaign has been launched to help Corbitt pay for his medical expenses along with a benefit show with auctions and raffles on October 17th at The Rail Club in Fort Worth Texas where Wizards of Gore (formed by members of Rigor Mortis) will perform along with many other bands wanting to help the cause as you can find here.

If you want to support Corbitt in the only way you can at this point, click here.


[via theDalls Observer]

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