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Dissident Aggression: Grizzlor/Barren Womb Split 7″

Posted by on April 3, 2015

Connecticut and Norway are a pretty long ways off from each other.  While the latter has a reputation as a birthing room for some of metal’s most influential babies, the former…well…not so much.  However, the reality is that Connecticut (and really all of New England), while not on par just yet with Norway, has still […]

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Dissident Aggression: Tomb and Thirst – Wrath

Posted by on February 27, 2015

Under the Earth’s crust exists a swirling vortex of white hot magma which constantly heaves and churns and occasionally wreaks the most combustible and vitriolic natural havoc known to man.  Under that is a dual layer of solid, blistering metal.  What heaves and agitates beneath our feet on a daily basis is a visual and […]

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Dissident Aggression: Dead In The Manger – Cessation

Posted by on January 23, 2015

Somewhere between the early 1990’s and today the realm of Black Metal took so many left turns that at times it’s almost hard to distinguish who we should and shouldn’t call by that name.  One thing has remained a constant though, and that’s the feeling you get when you listen to an album that pulls […]

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Dissident Aggression: The Poisoning of Everyting by Obliterations

Posted by on November 11, 2014

The definition of the word obliterate is to wipe something out completely, to utterly destroy whatever the intended target might be.  In the case of Los Angeles based Obliterations this is exactly their intent with every track on their newest full-length album, Poison Everything. Somewhere in the extreme music timeline the worlds of punk and […]

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Dissident Aggression: Converting to Baptists

Posted by on October 3, 2014

In the darkness, barreling towards the center of the Earth there is a labyrinth of tunnels snaking their way all over the globe.  They are filled with the blood of the innocent, of children asked to do the work of men, of men asked to do the work no one should have ever been asked […]

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Dissident Aggression: The Endless Nothing of Torch Runner

Posted by on September 19, 2014

While previewing this album at my day job, a co-worker asked, “Is that music or static coming out of your speakers?”  Short answer: Yes.  To say that North Carolina’s grind-infused, crusty three-piece, Torch Runner, are abrasive, especially to the untrained ear, is a vast and monumental understatement. After their new label, Southern Lord, reissued their […]

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Dissident Aggression: Martyrdöd – Elddop

Posted by on July 18, 2014

Torment and despair come in so many forms it’s sickening.  The injustices wrought upon 99% of us are varied.  Most of us are so subtly affected it’s enough to become numb to the effects.  For others it’s a thousand pound anchor slowly sinking us in a sea of misery.  For some the bottom never comes, […]

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