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Nonpoint’s BC Kochmit steps down from lead guitar, quits road life to focus on family

Posted by on August 13, 2019

Nonpoint have announced a status change with BC Kochmit. The group has clarified he will still be part of the band as Kochmit will continue to write and record music. However, Kochmit has decided to step down as lead guitarist and will no longer tour. His decision is amicable as the band supports him 100%. […]

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Album by Album: Nonpoint discuss their discography

Posted by on June 8, 2016

When looking at Nonpoint’s discography, it becomes apparent that some of the Florida band’s album titles appear to be based on where  the band was at that point in time (Struggle, Statement, Vengeance, The Return). Singer Elias Soriano confirms that was the case, but says that eventually stopped doing that. With their ninth album and Spinefarm debut, The Poison […]

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